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Greece builds a wall on the border with Turkey

Recently, relations between Greece and Turkey have become increasingly aggravated. Turkey is becoming more and more impudent, trying to squeeze several of its islands and part of the water area from Greece.

It's all about the hydrocarbons that are underground and water, on which the Turks have their eyes. They don't need arguments, common sense, and historical justice. The Turks are driven by greed and the desire for profit.

Greece guessed that the islands and part of the water area are only the first steps of Turkey. If slack is given, others will follow. It is known that Erdogan dreams of the revival of the Ottoman Empire, part of which is 1453-1821. Greece appeared after it was captured and subdued. The Greeks, of course, do not want a repetition of the bitter past. They do not want to live under the Turkish yoke and oppression. However, they are still behaving politely, trying not to yield under Turkish pressure, but at the same time not to quarrel before the start of hostilities. Turkey and Greece are both NATO members. And it will be an international scandal if a war breaks out between the Allied countries within the Alliance.

Nevertheless, Greece is slowly preparing for such a scenario. Citing the need to protect itself from the influx of Arab refugees, Greece began to build a wall on the land border with Turkey. To the existing 10 km. walls will be added for another 26 kilometers of barriers. This will not end there. Greece plans to install a video surveillance system along the entire 192-kilometer border with Turkey.

Greece is not a wealthy country, but it found funds to implement such a large-scale project. The EU also helped by allocating money for construction, citing the fact that strengthening the border with Turkey would save Europe from illegal migrants.

However, European countries, many of which were previously also part of the Ottoman Empire, understand too well why they need a wall on the border with such a NATO ally as Turkey. They are simply trying to prepare and defend themselves, seeing Erdogan's neo-Ottoman ambitions flaring up.

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