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Bangkok protesters give Thai prime minister three days to resign

Protesters in Bangkok handed over to police officers outside the Thai Government House their letter of resignation for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ochi, which they demand to sign within three days. Law enforcement officers accepted the paper, a copy of which was posted on Wednesday by the United Front of Thammasat Telegram channel.

After that, the action coordinators asked the participants to go home. At the same time, the organizers promised the authorities to return to the Government House in three days if their demands are not met. It is not yet known whether another demonstration will take place on Thursday. “The Prime Minister must immediately sign his resignation, if this does not happen within three days, the people will return,” the Free Youth Association Telegram channel said.

In addition, the demonstrators demanded that all detained protesters be released within three days. A few hours after the rally near the Government House, law enforcement officers detained Patsaravali Thanakitvibun, who was one of those who read out demands for the resignation of the Prime Minister. As in previous times, the detention is related to the ban on gatherings in groups of more than five people, which came into force on 15 October.

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