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Tesla starts to activate full autopilot on its electric cars

Tesla's electric cars have begun to receive an important software update enabling Full Self-Driving (FSD). However, at first, this system will not be available to all owners of electric cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the following via his Twitter blog: “Tonight, the FSD beta release begins. The process will be extremely slow and careful, as it should be. “

Earlier it was said that the most experienced and accurate drivers, the number of which will be limited, will be the first to test the FSD system. Thus, Tesla will be able to test the full autopilot in real conditions with minimal risk.

It should be noted that the FSD package is offered as an $8,000 option. This system will allow Tesla electric vehicles to travel in everyday mode with minimal disruption to the driving process. Over time, the capabilities of the complex will expand and improve. We are talking, in particular, about full-fledged self-government on city streets.

We add that a set of driving assistance functions called Autopilot is now available to owners of Tesla electric vehicles. However, this system is not capable of providing a full-fledged ride in automatic mode.

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