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The US attacked Huawei in Brazil

The US authorities have promised Brazil to allocate a billion dollars for the purchase of telecommunications equipment for the development of 5G communication networks. However, the country will receive money only if it signs contracts with competitors of the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, CNBC reports.

The signed memorandum is a continuation of Washington's numerous attacks on Huawei around the world. If Brazil accepts the US terms, it will be a painful blow to the Chinese company due to the size of the market.

Earlier, Australia, Japan, and the UK blocked the development of their own 5G networks with the help of a Chinese company. On the eve of its refusal to use Huawei equipment to build infrastructure, Sweden announced.

The US views Huawei as a national security threat and accuses it of both stealing technology and collecting personal data from users around the world in the interests of the Chinese government. In this regard, representatives of Washington are trying to convince their partners to abandon the construction of critical infrastructure based on its technologies.

Huawei may be replaced by such companies as Swedish Ericsson and Finnish Nokia. Both companies can count on financial support from Washington.

Against the backdrop of the latest US sanctions, Huawei's leadership has declared its goal to be a struggle for survival. The company urgently needs to find a new processor supplier for its products, since Taiwanese TSMC has stopped producing Kirin processors for it since September 15.

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