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DPRK refused to discuss denuclearization with the United States, Trump reacted

Long negotiations with Washington no longer necessary

Photo: REUTERS / Loren Elliott

The representative of North Korea to the United Nations (UN), Kim Song, said that the issue of denuclearization is no longer the subject of negotiations with the United States.

He emphasized that lengthy negotiations with Washington are no longer necessary.

According to Son, the “lengthy and thorough dialogue” that Washington seeks to establish with Pyongyang was a “way to gain time” by the states in order to achieve their domestic political goals.

President of the United States Donald Trump has already commented on the statements of North Korean Ambassador to the UN Kim Song regarding the refusal to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

So, Trump said that he would be “surprised” by the unfriendly actions of Pyongyang.

“I would be surprised if North Korea behaved in a hostile manner ... He (DPRK leader Kim Jong-un) knows that I have an election soon. I don’t think he wants to interfere in this, but we'll see ... I think he 'd like something to happen. The relationship is very good, but there is a certain hostility, of course, “he said.

Earlier, the TsTAK agency circulated a statement by DPRK Deputy Foreign Minister Lee Tae Sung, in which he accused Washington of using dialogue with Pyongyang in its own domestic political interests ahead of the election. According to the deputy foreign minister, “the United States seeks to gain time in its interests, talking about a sustainable and meaningful dialogue, rather than taking steps in response to measures taken earlier by the DPRK.”

It was reported that on October 5, nuclear talks between the US and North Korean delegations resumed in Sweden. On the same day, the DPRK delegation announced the failure of the negotiations. In the United States, an eight-hour discussion of the parties near Stockholm was “good.” Washington proposed holding the next meeting in two weeks.

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