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China banned online services that cause addiction in children

As it became known, China has decided to start a new battle against online services that cause addiction in children. It was decided to ban projects that have a negative impact on the younger generation — a corresponding update to the legislation has already been adopted, and it will come into force on June 1, 2021.

After the new rules come into force, Internet services, games, streaming sites will have to implement time limits for their underage users, Engadget reports. At the same time, the updated law will force them to provide protection against cyberbullying, for which completely different means can be used: from manual moderation to the execution of the requirement to remove or block objectionable content emanating from the parents or guardian of the child.

It is worth noting that these rules may affect not only services created for use within China but also those that are presented on the global market. At least those of them that were created by developers from the Middle Kingdom.

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