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The US decided to sue Google

The US authorities decided to sue Google for a monopoly in the field of search services and advertising. Writes about this CNBC.

The Justice Department on Tuesday, October 20, filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing it of abuse of a dominant market position. The department believes that Google has entered into agreements that prevent competitors from entering the market. Also, the American authorities claim that the corporation paid mobile device manufacturers, telecom operators, and Internet browsers to set Google as the default search engine.

In addition, the ministry is going to challenge the practice, according to which the pre-installation of the Google search engine on phones with the Android operating system is carried out.

The Department of Justice claims that Google accounts for 88 percent of searches in the United States, and 94 percent of mobile searches are performed through its services. According to the ministry, the corporation owns 70 percent of the search advertising market. This leads to the fact that other search engines cannot compete with it. As a result, Google infringes on the rights of consumers and advertisers by limiting their choices.

The company has already responded to the ministry's claims, calling its position “deeply mistaken.” Google noted that people use its search engine not because they have to, but because they want to.

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