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The US goes to Saudi Arabia. Is this a war against Iran?

The Western press began to actively circulate a rumor about the entry of the American contingent into Saudi Arabia. The day before, Donald Trump denied this information, calling it fake. However, experts are confident that the sharp reaction of the president is due to the fact that people would not approve of the Pentagon’s next warlike move. Although, in fact, the White House has long been discussing the possibility of deploying troops to help the Saudis.

It was about 14 thousand troops who should go to Saudi Arabia. The need for such a step is explained by the threat that Iranian missiles allegedly pose to the Saudis and American troops in Iran. The media, citing sources in the Ministry of Defense, wrote that the final decision would be made at the end of December.

Naturally, officials refute the rumors that appeared about the transfer of troops, claiming that the information is not true. Perhaps 14 thousand soldiers are really too much, the figure from 4 to 7 thousand military men looks much more realistic. Given that the US Defense Ministry did not deny the possibility of sending a personal contingent to Saudi Arabia to counter Iran.

Experts argue that sending the military will require mandatory agreement with Congress, agreeing with which is not so simple. Especially against the background of the fact that the Saudis are not subjected to aggression, which means Trump’s decision can be interpreted as an excess of presidential powers, which will serve as an additional ground for impeachment.

At the same time, information about the transfer of American soldiers will definitely cause a negative in society, and for Trump himself, unleashing a new war in the Middle East is not too reasonable before the presidential election. However, rumors are circulating.

The United States withdrew all its soldiers from Saudi Arabia in 2003. However, as the conflict escalated, more and more information began to appear about the transfer of American troops to the SA. Thus, Washington planned to protect both its interests and the Saudis.

In the fall of 2019, the States deployed a Patriot air defense system in Saudi Arabia, and at the end of November, Trump announced his readiness to increase the military contingent in the region to 3 thousand people. Now he denies everything, exactly like the rest of the officials.

According to the expert, the USA goes to Saudi Arabia for the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. But that's not all. The introduction of American troops is also another way to wave Iran with a military club, which basically fits into Washington’s pressure policy.

However, political scientists are confident that the unleashing of real conflict is not yet included in the plans of the United States, as it is very expensive and in addition disadvantageous before the elections. Although some still believe that the actions of Americans can provoke an escalation of the conflict, and Washington is only seeking this.

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