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In the US, a teenager invented a way to fight COVID-19

In the US, a teenager invented a way to fight COVID-19

At the competition for young scientists, a 14-year-old American presented a way to fight coronavirus.

In the United States, Texas resident Anika Chebrolu may have found an effective method to combat COVID-19. Reported by CNN.

The girl won the 3M Young Scientist Challenge. The prize fund for the competition is 25 thousand US dollars.

Anika, in a detailed computer screening of molecules, found that lead molecules can selectively bind to the SARS-CoV-2 virus protein. This compound interferes with the ability of the virus to enter the human body.

Anika is going to start collaborating with scientists and researchers.

Earlier it was reported that for the development of herd immunity in the human population, the minimum proportion of the vaccinated population should be from 52 to 64%.

It was also reported that doctors discovered an organ in a person, the existence of which no one had previously suspected — the fourth pair of large salivary glands.

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