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Apple will reduce the cost of production of the new iPhone 12 Pro

Apple did not even have time to release the iPhone 12 Pro, as the company has already decided to reduce the cost of production of new items by moving the assembly outside of China. But there was a time when assembling a smartphone in the Middle Kingdom was considered the most inexpensive option.

Very soon, Apple will transfer part of the production of the iPhone 12 Pro to Foxconn factories in Brazil and India, according to the database of the Brazilian regulator Anatel. At the same time, the same documents report that the assembly of the company's new flagships on the territory of Brazilian and Indian factories will reduce the cost of manufacturing devices. True, this is unlikely to lead to a decrease in the final cost of the smartphone for the consumer — this transfer will be beneficial only to Apple itself.

Recall that back in August 2020, information appeared on the network about the possible assembly of the iPhone 12 line at the Wistron plant in India. It is also worth noting that in July of this year, Apple has already started production of its flagships in India. True, then it was about the iPhone 11.

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