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The US released new secret weapons

AGM 114 Hellfire missile

Only now, slowly, the concept of using the US armed forces is returning to its usual and basic form, namely, to repel the threats of opponents with powerful regular armies. Almost 30 years of stagnation in this area and 20 years of reformatting the armed forces to fight terrorism have significantly slowed down the development of armed systems aimed specifically at defeating armies and have focused on combating terrorist gangs or, more simply, countering partisans.

As soon as it came to bringing down the Iraqi army, then everything was quick and beautiful, and then the mess started. And the thing is that the enemy was mixed with the civilian population, and in such conditions, the effectiveness of the use of standard weapons fell sharply. This affects the difference between the Western and Eastern approaches to the question of the proportionality of the use of force.

What does Russia do, for example, if the enemy retreating — dissolves among civilians in the metropolis? Since the time of Ivan the Terrible, it is known that the Russian Federation begins to destroy the city, along with the enemy who has taken refuge there and civilians. The principle was worked out in Chechnya when a population that didn’t leave a settlement is automatically ranked as a terrorist and destroyed by the same forces and means that they fought with the armed forces. Since urban development is a concrete jungle, the task is to turn concrete into crushed stone. From here — ammunition of increased power, concrete, vacuum, cluster, and other prohibited ammunition.

Everything is clear here. Neither Russia nor China has ever been bothered by their own losses and aliens — even more so. Therefore, there was no particular need to rethink the conduct of hostilities in such conditions. The West does otherwise. He is looking for ways to calculate the enemy among the civilian population, and he is doing it quite effectively, but he can’t cover the area with volley fire systems, carpet bombardments or thermobaric charges. Collateral damage too much. And the targeted destruction of civilians is a war crime that has no statute of limitations. Trumps, Macrons, and Merkels come and go, and people will come who will judge Putin for unconditional and direct war crimes.

It was this circumstance that put before the American and not only American military the question of how to destroy an already discovered target, but not to catch others with whom the target was deliberately hiding. The classic option is the special forces, which go to the distance of direct contact or a sniper shot, and then — as the card lies down.

But such a method of destroying goals can be too expensive, and you can put your chosen people from Delta or a similar unit behind the head of a scoundrel. But Americans would not be Americans if they did not seek and find technical ways to resolve this issue. And as a result, entire families of high-precision munitions were developed, which many already know well, and which they have not even heard of.

Recently, special drones that carry either high-precision missiles or no less effective and accurate aerial bombs are increasingly becoming the platform for the delivery of such ammunition. Their error is minimal and this alone leads to a significant reduction in collateral damage.

But the most massive missile, used both from helicopters and from drones, is still the AGM-114 Hellfire. We know this missile mainly as an anti-tank weapon of high accuracy and range, but in fact, it has quite a few modifications, depending on the warhead used. On the table below you can see only a small part of its modifications.

In addition to these types of missiles, there are several more about which there is not much information, and we are interested in completely unusual ammunition, which can be considered the top in terms of reducing collateral damage. We are talking about the mysterious 114R9X, the very existence of which is almost no reliable information.

It is only known that the Hellfire base developed several very specific ammunition, and the one we are talking about has no explosives at all in the warhead.

That is, hitting the target, the rocket does not explode at all, and the target is hit by special striking elements that are thrown from the body just before touching the target.

They have the appearance and property of swords and simply chop the target into flaps. But since the rocket does not explode, no fragments fly apart and the opportunity to hit someone else near the target is minimal.

The secrecy here is the highest because the ammunition is used in CIA operations and has been used only a few times. Moreover, neither the Office nor the military confirms either the use of ammunition or its existence.

Nevertheless, several completely unusual cases have already occurred when unknown ammunition hit a target in a car so that none of those sitting nearby were injured. Just imagine, from a distance of several kilometers, a rocket flew in and chopped one of the leaders of ISIS-like a cabbage and hooked no one else.

This became clear later, after inspecting the attacked car and the hole in its roof. For the first time, this ammunition proved to be in 2017, when one of the high functionaries of al-Qaeda Abu Khair Al-Masri was destroyed in Syria. In addition, on the day of the liquidation of the head of ISIS, Bakr al-Baghdadi, a couple of tens of kilometers from this place, one of his close associates was killed, who was driving in a car and it was just such a missile that overtook him. Eyewitnesses did not see the explosion and the car remained relatively intact, except for the hole in the roof and the destroyed target inside.

Modest insiders say that this modification of the rocket was used no more than 12 times in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen, and there were no special comments about the weapons used. In general, here is the difference between the West and the East. The Americans targeted their target AGM-114R9X, and the Russians would have felled with their tornadoes and Hurricanes until the missiles ended. That's what mentality means

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