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French authorities will publish a brochure of religious cartoons

This decision was made after the brutal murder of a schoolteacher who showed children the cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. A selection of cartoons will be distributed in schools.

In France, a selection of cartoons on religious and political themes will be published in protest after a schoolteacher murdered and showed caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to children in the class. This was announced on Monday, October 19 by Renaud Muselier, chairman of the Association of Heads of French Regions.

“We, heads of regions of France, take the initiative today to publish a selection of the brightest cartoons on religious and political topics that appeared in regional and national media. The fact that there are caricatures on all religions, as well as a wide range of political works shows the secular nature of the republic,” said Muselier, speaking at the Congress of Heads of Regions.

According to him, the French Ministry of Public Education will be involved in the project. His task will be to ensure the distribution of this brochure in all schools in France.

“With this gesture, in accordance with our competence, we want to show our commitment to the values of the Republic and the fundamental rights of each of our citizens to live in peace and freedom,” he explained.

Muselier stressed that in France, “blasphemy is not a crime” and there is no place for “obscurantism rampant” on its territory.

“When it comes to humor, it is our right to defend exaggeration and parody,” he said.

The official noted that the murderer of the teacher was only 18 years old and this, he said, once again shows what an important role the school plays.

We should remind that on October 16 Islamic radical beheaded 47-year-old history teacher Samuel Pati who showed caricatures of the prophet Mohammed to students. A few minutes after that the police shot the attacker.

Earlier it was reported that law enforcement agencies in France were ready to expel from the country more than 230 radicals with foreign citizenship who were suspected of extremist activities.

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