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In Germany, coronavirus with mechanical ventilation is treated for €38 thousand

In German hospitals, the treatment of COVID-19 without mechanical ventilation costs an average of five thousand euros.

In Germany, inpatient treatment for coronavirus-induced atypical pneumonia COVID-19 costs an average of 10,700 euros, the representative of the largest German association of state health insurance funds AOK said on Sunday, October 18. AOK has insured 26.5 million people — almost a third of the German population.

Treatment without artificial lung ventilation costs an average of five thousand euros, but if connected to a ventilator, the average cost rises to 38,500 euros.

Similar figures are given by another large state treasury — Barmer: if the connection to a ventilator is not required, the average cost of inpatient treatment of a patient with COVID-19 is 6900 euros, in cases where such a connection is required, the cost rises to an average of 31 700 euros.

According to a study by TU Berlin and the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, 14 percent of all COVID-19 patients need a ventilator, the weekly Welt am Sonntag reported.

According to the Robert Koch Institute on the morning of October 18, the daily increase in coronavirus infections in Germany amounted to 5587 cases. A day earlier, the increase was 7,830 new cases.

The figures for Sunday, however, are not complete, as not all federal states have local health authorities transmitting coronavirus data to the RKI on weekends.

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