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Trump is going to establish the world from a position of strength

The United States has a military force that is the envy of all other countries, the American president said.

American leader Donald Trump said that after the creation of new weapons, the United States has become the most powerful country on the planet from a military point of view and will establish the world from a position of strength. He said this at a rally in Wisconsin, on October 18.

“We now have the most powerful armed forces. Russia, China, North Korea, and all other countries in the world envy us. There is no one who has something close to the weapons that we have,” he said.

At the same time, Trump noted that he hopes never to use this weapon.

“We hope that we will never, never, God forbid, have to use it. But we will establish peace from a position of strength. That's what all this is for,” said the US President.

In late September, Trump announced that Russia had created its own hypersonic weapon based on stolen data from the Obama administration. We are talking about the “super-duper-rocket”, about which the American president spoke earlier. But now, Trump says, the US has another missile.

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