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Three advisers have left Trump, and the chief of staff does not believe in winning the election

Three senior advisers left US President Donald Trump, who is re-running for the highest office in the state because, after a conversation with the head of the campaign headquarters Bill Stepien, they decided that their candidate would lose.

This is reported by the Axios edition.

According to the newspaper, Trump's campaign is filled with internal accusations and estimates of potential losses, which only exacerbates the gloomy mood prevailing in the headquarters, caused by the daily stream of gloomy headlines.

“In many ways, it is the president himself (to blame),” said one adviser. “You cannot cure a patient who does not want to accept a diagnosis.”

That being said, Stepien tells employees every week why they shouldn't pay attention to the consistently terrible public polls — and how they can “win the week” and the campaign.

But in other private conversations, described by multiple sources, Stephen may seem like a somber pessimist, comparing the campaign to a plane caught in turbulence, saying, “Our job is to land the plane safely.”

Three sources of the publication heard Stepien's use of variants of the analogy with the airplane, and they felt that he was deep, if not irreversibly pessimistic about the state of the election race.

“It’s a bad feeling when you realize that the campaign manager deep down doesn’t think we’ll win,” said one of the sources in the publication.

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