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The media reported that the attacked teacher near Paris is of Russian origin

French media reported that the attacker on the teacher in a suburb of Paris also had a suicide belt. There is no official confirmation of this data.

The man who attacked a passerby with a knife in Paris was an 18-year-old native of Moscow. This was reported by French TV channel BFM on Friday, 16 October.

Le Parisien writes about the fact that the young man was Chechen by nationality. He was allegedly already in the sight of police because of offenses. The passerby killed by him turned out to be a history teacher at Conflant-Honoring College in Paris.

As the media reports, before the attack on the professor, the man shouted out 'Allah Akbar'.

Parents of the students of the college of Conflant-Saint-Honoring, where the deceased worked, told reporters that during one of the lessons the teacher showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, which in their opinion, could have caused the attack on the teacher.

"Chechens make up 15 to 20% of radical Islamists. The Diaspora is under heightened surveillance by internal intelligence. They can be encountered in many areas related to radical Islam,” Jean-Charles Brizarou, president of the Center for Analysis of Terrorism, said in an interview with Le Parisien.

French President Emmanuel Macron, along with two ministers, has now arrived at the school, to be joined later by Interior Minister Gerald Dramamine. They are interviewing college staff.

Recall that a school teacher of history and geography was beheaded in a Paris suburb because he used cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a class.

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