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Belgium closed cafe and imposed a curfew

The country's government has recommended that all residents work remotely, if possible.

To stop the rise in coronavirus disease, the Belgian government has decided to resort to stricter quarantine measures. This was reported on Friday, October 16, by The Brussels Times.

Thus, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom, Alexander De Croo, at a press conference following an emergency meeting of the government, said that a curfew would be introduced in the country starting from Monday. People will not be allowed to go outside from 00.00 to 5 in the morning.

In addition, telecommuting will become mandatory from October 19, except in places where it is not possible. “For the rest, all precautions must be taken,” the minister stressed.

The Belgian authorities have also decided to reduce the permitted “close contacts” from three to one.

At home, Belgians are allowed to accept no more than four people, provided that they will be the same people for two weeks.

“The number of infected people is growing every day, and very quickly. Our doctors and hospitals are under intense pressure. We are fighting an unequal fight against this virus,” he stressed.

Belgium already has a mandatory mask regime in all closed public places and transport. On the street, wearing masks is compulsory in public places where it is impossible to maintain social distance.

Over the past two weeks, the number of new infections has increased by 182%. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 190 thousand cases of infection have been recorded in the country in total, which exceeds 10% of the country's population (11.5 million people). 10,327 people died.

Earlier, the European Union created a map of dividing the Schengen countries into colored zones according to the situation with the coronavirus, which will serve as a guideline for government decisions on border crossing restrictions.

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