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US Corporate Debt Grows to 47% of GDP

US corporate debt over the past ten years has increased to 47 percent of GDP. Currently, its total amount is 10 trillion dollars.

Experts say that official data may not be true and maybe slightly underestimated. At one time, the change in indicators caused the 2008 crisis, when the stock exchanges could not work with real numbers, which is why the market actually collapsed.

Some experts blamed the FED for the current financial situation. Due to the decline in the value of most currencies, companies that were in loan obligations were able to pay off debts, which is why the crisis quickly ended. Representatives of the German publication Allianz said that in 2010 a similar situation developed with the euro, but it was possible to resolve it within a few months.

US government debt also has an impressive size of 23 trillion dollars. The budget deficit, in this case, is more than 1 trillion dollars. The head of the Institute of International Finance Emre Tiftik said that the country is actually sitting on a “debt bomb” that can explode at any time. Due to the special capitalist structure of the United States, default is almost impossible, but over the course of a decade, the size of the debt will make itself felt.

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