No immunity to coronavirus: Trump's treatment has side effects

The drugs that the president took will prevent his body from developing antibodies to COVID-19

US President Donald Trump, despite his victory over the coronavirus, may be much more vulnerable to infection in the future than the rest of the recovered.

Reported by the New York Times.

The journalists came to this conclusion after talking with scientists who claim that steroid drugs such as dexamethasone, which Trump took, suppress the body's natural immunity, including the production of antibodies.

“The second time around, he [Trump] may be unprotected, especially because he hasn't developed his own antibodies,” said Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University.

According to a report by President Sean Conley, President Trump's test results were not revealed on October 1 when Trump was tested positive. This may be due to the fact that he was at an early stage of the disease when the immune system did not have time to respond to the infection.

On October 2, Donald Trump was injected with 8 grams of the drug Regeneron, a cocktail of monoclonal (artificially created) antibodies of people who had had coronavirus (it became known earlier that these were three Singaporeans).

According to Conley, on October 5, the head of the White House was confirmed to have antibodies, but doctors warn that these antibodies are introduced from the outside, and not produced by Trump's body.

The presence of synthetic antibodies also suppresses the body's immune response. According to Regeneron, the level of injected antibodies in the blood of patients is halved 21-25 days after injection. Thus, one dose of the drug is designed for use within one month.

And whether Trump is going to take Regeneron monthly, the White House did not answer.

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