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The USA showed their “Doomsday weapon”

The US Department of Defense has revealed the appearance of a launcher for a ground-based hypersonic missile system.

This was reported by the Defpost edition.

As seen in the published image, the military complexes will be installed on heavy wheeled transporters, each of which will be able to carry three launch containers with hypersonic missiles.

They plan to equip the American army with such complexes by the end of 2021. Its characteristics are not reported, however, this type of weapon (both nuclear and non-nuclear) is designed to destroy targets anywhere in the world within one hour.

They were developed under the Operational Fires Program of the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and a contract with Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Also, participating in the project are technology companies Northrop Grumman, Dynetics, and Electronic Concepts & Engineering.

Recall that in June, US President Donald Trump enacted martial law for the urgent implementation of hypersonic weapons programs.

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