In England, it is offered to become a prisoner for the night...

England has launched an interactive tour of the country's oldest prison, Shepton Mallet — now anyone can pay 49 euros and temporarily immerse themselves in the life of a prisoner. According to The Sun, participants will be fed with traditional prison food, and for sleep, everyone will be provided with a single cell.

The tour, designed only for adults, lasts 12 hours. In the evening, the “prisoners” will be placed in their cells, they will be given a tour, and then they will do whatever they want: they will study the territory of the prison, visit other “prisoners”, have a drink at the bar or quietly sleep in their solitary confinement. In the morning — ascent on the alarm clock, a modest prison breakfast (usually includes oatmeal), and departure.

Shepton-Mallet prison worked from 1625 to 2013. For the last seven years, the institution is managed by an interactive tourism company. Among other things, there is a “paranormal” tour in the prison: for 50 pounds guests are offered to wander around the prison at night and listen to stories about local ghosts.

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