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A prototype of a supersonic airliner presented in the USA

The supersonic passenger plane will provide a flight from London to New York in 3.6 hours at a ticket price of no more than 5 thousand US dollars.

In the United States, Boom Supersonic unveiled a prototype of the Overture supersonic airliner called the XB-1.

“The future airliner will be able to fly at speeds 10 percent higher than the speed of the famous Concorde, its cruising speed will be Mach 2.2 (2700 km / h),” — said in the message.

The XB-1 aircraft has a fuselage 21.6 meters long, and its shell is made of a complex carbon composite. Three General Electric J8-15 engines produce a total of 5.44 tonnes (12,000 lb) of thrust.

“In 2021, we plan to begin flight testing of the XB-1 prototype, which is an important milestone in achieving our main goal of breaking the sound barrier with a passenger airliner with a zero-carbon balance in the environment,” said founder and CEO Blake Scholl.

It is known that flights at supersonic speeds have been banned over US territory since 1973, excluding the territories of military training grounds and air bases.

The management of the company hopes that they will be able to obtain the appropriate permission for testing in the near future.

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