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5G smartphones take over half of the Chinese market

Sales of fifth-generation (5G) smartphones in China set new records. At the end of September, the share of such devices in the total mass of cellular devices sold in China exceeded 50%.

According to the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT), in the first nine months of this year, approximately 107.7 million smartphones with 5G support were sold in the Middle Kingdom. At the same time, the total supply of cellular devices amounted to 225.6 million units. In other words, the share of devices with a 5G modem reached 47.5%.

In September, an estimated 23.3 million cellular devices of all types, including regular phones, were sold in China. In this volume, about 22 million units were smartphones, and about 14 million units were devices with 5G support.

Thus, last month the share of 5G devices in China reached 60% in the total mass of cellular handsets and almost 64% in the smartphone segment.

It is also noted that Chinese manufacturers controlled 92.4% of the local market of cellular devices in September. If we consider the first three quarters of this year, then this figure was 91.3%.

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