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Scientists have created washable skin sensors

The information appeared on the network about the creation of extremely unusual sensors by American scientists. They not only “attach” to human skin without the use of high temperatures, but also wash off without any problems.

Huang Chen, professor and head of the research team that created the unusual sensor, said that traditional methods are not suitable for the formation of a bundle of nanoparticles of the novelty with the human skin. This is due to the fact that for this type of formation it is necessary to heat them to 100 C and above — of course, no person can withstand such extreme conditions.

The expert said that their technique, created by his team, allows silver ions to be “soldered” directly on the skin, without any damage to it. Interestingly, this discovery not only allows printing directly on the skin but also makes it so that the skin sensor can be easily washed off with plain water.

According to scientists, the board collected in this way can be used in the study of the patient's health, tracking his pressure, temperature, and so on

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