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Coronavirus survivor Trump intends to kiss supporters

The U.S. President Donald Trump intended to kiss all his supporters at a mass meeting in the state of Florida. The head of state, who suffered from a new type of coronavirus-induced disease COVID-19, announced publicly on October 12.

Speaking in Florida, Trump said he would give his supporters a “big, juicy kiss. “I will go and kiss everyone in this room. I will go and kiss everyone in this room. I will kiss guys and beautiful women,” the president exclaimed.

He added that he feels full of strength. As the edition notes, this speech of the head of state took place against the background of the fact that the growth of new infections reached record highs in 17 states.

On October 10 Trump held the first public event since it became known that he had contracted coronavirus. He met with supporters on the South Lawn of the White House. The American leader was without a mask.

Earlier Trump said that during his illness, he did not feel the same way as a U.S. president should feel. He said that an experimental drug made of antibodies that “destroyed the virus” helped him to recover quickly.

The U.S. president also said he was ready to become a donor of plasma for COVID-19 patients after completing treatment.

The infection of Trump Coronavirus became known on the morning of October 2. His wife Melanie also had a positive test. A few days later antibodies for infection were found in the president.

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