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Johnson and Johnson ceased the coronavirus vaccine test

The vaccine of Johnson&Johnson company passed the third stage of trials, in which it was planned to participate 60 thousand volunteers.

American company Johnson & Johnson suspended the provision of doses of its vaccine against COVID-19 to participants in the trials because of unknown disease in the volunteer. The application was posted on the company's website on Monday, October 12.

“We have temporarily suspended further doses of COVID-19 vaccine for coronavirus-induced disease in all of our trials, including Phase 3, due to an unexplained disease in a trial participant,” the press release said.

The disease is currently under study. Additional information on his health will be published after all the necessary information is collected.

In late September, Johnson & Johnson began the third phase of clinical trials of its vaccine. The study involves 60,000 volunteers in eight countries on three continents. The company expected that if the vaccine proved to be effective and safe, the first batches would be available for certification already in early 2021.

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