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Trump drew media attention to coughing Biden

The American president complained that the leading American media “doesn't care about the fact that Biden is coughing.

With a new type of coronavirus infection, U.S. President Donald Trump rebuked the U.S. media for ignoring the fact that Democrat candidate Joe Biden was coughing in the November elections. Trump wrote about his allegedly sick opponent on Twitter on Monday, October 12.

The American leader advised the press to pay attention to the fact that Biden “coughs, spits up and touches his mask everywhere”. He complained that this information is silenced.

“Journalism” has reached the lowest level in history. It's sad that these so-called leading media outlets know about it, and they don't care,” the head of state complained.

We remind that the presidential elections in the USA will be held on November 3. Some states are already voting ahead of schedule.

The current US President Donald Trump is running for a second term and will fight with Joe Biden.

Earlier, the U.S. administration proposed to the Presidential Debate Commission to change the decision to cancel the second round of TV debates of Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joseph Biden.

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