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Fortnite won't return to the App Store until May 2021

US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has denied Epic Games' request to return Fortnite to the Apple App Store. Thus, the decision will remain in effect at least until May 2021, when the first court hearing in the case is scheduled.

However, the judge upheld an earlier ruling banning Apple from taking action against Unreal Engine, as the potential damage to developers if the tool were removed would be too great.

Rogers said she sympathizes with Fortnite players, but it is in the public interest that the parties to the dispute are required to comply with their contractual agreements.

Apple has already released a statement on the matter, stating that the company “is grateful to the court, which found Epic's actions, not in the interests of its customers.” The IT giant once again emphasized that all the problems faced at Epic Games are “caused by the actions” of the developer himself.

Epic Games expressed gratitude that Apple will continue to be prohibited from retaliating against the Unreal Engine and game developers while the lawsuit continues. They promised to use every opportunity to “put an end to Apple's anti-competitive behavior.”

Earlier it became known that the court will begin proceedings in the case of Epic Games against Apple on May 3, 2021, first without a jury. In the future, the schedule of meetings will be built so that there is no overlap with the schedule of other trials with the jury. However, there will be several hearings over the next months, during which the parties will be able to file motions. The possibility of reaching an amicable agreement is not excluded either.

Apple removed the Epic Games account and all of the company's games from its store at the end of August.

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