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China imposed sanctions on US diplomats

The Chinese government has imposed retaliatory measures against US diplomats in the country, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said. In October, the United States imposed visa restrictions on Chinese politicians for the detention and ill-treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang, where Uighurs and Kazakhs reside.

“In response to the restrictions imposed by the US Department of State on Chinese diplomats, which began to operate in October this year, China notified the US Embassy in China that we will respond immediately,” Ms. Chunying said at a briefing. According to her, on December 4, the Chinese side called a representative of the US Embassy in China and notified that these measures were introduced from the same date.

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman confirmed that among the restrictions there is a requirement for US diplomats to notify the Chinese Foreign Ministry of their intention to meet with the regional authorities five working days before the meeting.

In July, in an attempt to defend its policy in the region, the Chinese authorities released a new White Paper on the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which claims that Islam is a religion alien to local residents and terrorist groups operate in the region. The UN believes that Chinese politics in the XUAR is carried out in violation of human rights, more than 1 million Muslims are forcibly held in “re-education camps” there. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in October called on China to “immediately end the Xinjiang repression campaign.”

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