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Germany and Poland introduce new restrictions in the fight against COVID-19

Germany and Poland have introduced new restrictions in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus amid rising infections.

So, bars and restaurants in Berlin will close at 23:00. This measure will be in effect until October 31. Similar restrictive measures are being introduced in the financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt is Main. In addition, the opening hours of all stores will be limited. Exceptions are pharmacies and car refueling stations.

On the eve, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that those cities where the high number of infections are recorded will be given about 10 days in order to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Otherwise, they will have to impose severe restrictive measures.

In Poland, citizens were obliged to wear masks in all public places. Over the past day, a record-high number of infections for the country was revealed there — over 4 thousand.

Earlier it was reported that the Czech Republic is also considering the possibility of introducing an isolation regime since the rate of infection of the population with COVID-19 has accelerated in recent days. For the fourth day in a row, a record-high number of infections is recorded in this country — more than 8.6 thousand.

In Britain, health experts are urging all office workers to wear masks if they are not alone in the room.

In Portugal, over the past day, a record-high number of infections for the entire time of the pandemic was revealed — 1,646. In recent days, more and more infected people are registered in this country, on Thursday last week their number exceeded 1,000 for the first time since April this year.

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