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Brad Pitt's married beloved resented criticism of herself

Recently, the public learned that Brad Pitt had an affair with model Nicole Poturalski. However, it turned out that the actor's chosen one is married to an elderly Berlin restaurateur Roland Marie and is raising a child from him.

At the same time, her husband is calm about her affairs on the side, realizing that Nicole is a young woman, and with her 68-year-old husband, she is not very happy. However, Pitt's fans were unhappy with his choice.

They attacked Poturalski's blog with criticism and called her to conscience, accusing her of a dissolute lifestyle and inappropriate behavior for a married woman. Nicole could not stand the negativity and speak about this.

“Hello, friends! I have always wondered why people leave negative comments on someone? Why? What is your benefit? I just want to understand the train of your thoughts. Because I just do not understand. It's so rude and sad,” wrote a friend Brad on Instagram, and also noted that you should not subscribe to those who do not like.

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