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Tesla wants to produce half a million cars in 2020

Tesla aims to increase production by more than 17% compared to the previous quarter in order to produce 500 thousand cars in 2020.

Musk in a letter addressed to employees, notes that "it will be difficult, but super exciting" if for the first time in the history of Tesla company can exceed the annual production of half a million cars.

"When we founded Tesla just over 16 years ago, I never thought we'd go that far, but thanks to your diligence and ingenuity, we really have a chance to produce half a million cars in one year," said Musk.

He noted that such goals will require an increase in Tesla production in the fourth quarter, and urged employees to take all possible measures to improve results while improving product quality.

In three quarters of this year, Tesla has produced only 330 thousand cars, which means that only in the fourth quarter the company will need to produce 170 thousand cars to achieve the planned target.

The carmaker has just announced that it produced a record 145 thousand cars in the third quarter, but the Coronavirus Pandemic has hit production this year, and now in the second half of the year it will have to catch up.

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