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Trump announced his readiness to become a donor of plasma for COVID-19 patients

The U.S. President Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox News that he is ready to become a donor of blood plasma for COVID-19 patients after completing treatment.

“No one has ever asked me this question, but I will be ready,” Trump said. According to him, if doctors want to do so, he will be a donor.

Speaking about the symptoms he had during treatment, the president replied that “he didn't feel strong, but he didn't feel any breathing problems.

Earlier, Trump said that during the coronavirus disease, he did not feel the same way as a US president should. The American leader added that he had a CT scan because there were suspicions of inflammation in the lung, but these were not confirmed. He summed up that he is not currently on any medication — the last one he took eight hours ago.

The infection of Trump with coronavirus became known on the morning of October 2. At his wife Melanie Trump test also revealed coronavirus. On October 7 it became known that American leader was prescribed a cocktail of antiviral antibodies. It is created by the Regeneron company.

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