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Trump talks about his symptoms of coronavirus

The American president pointed out as one of the main symptoms that he “did not feel full of vitality, as the president of the United States should feel.”

US President Donald Trump said that unlike other people with coronavirus, he feels strong and energetic after a course of treatment. He said this on Friday, October 9, in an interview with Fox News.

“I really feel good, I feel strong. I know that many have been infected with the coronavirus, or the Chinese virus since it came from China, but I really feel strong, and so many people do not feel that way,” he said. Trump.

When asked what symptoms he had, the president replied that he “did not feel strong, but did not feel any problems with breathing.”

“I didn’t feel as full of vitality as the president of the United States should feel,” he added.

Trump called his doctors “the best in the world.” Having raised the question of what exactly bothered him during his stay at the medical center. Walter Reed, he noted that it was “a feeling of tiredness, a feeling that the usual level of energy is missing.”

“I took Regeneron, after 24 hours I started to feel different and left the hospital earlier,” he added. “Now I really feel good.”

The president stressed that the doctors wanted to keep him for longer observation.

“I was there for three and a half days, they wanted me to be there longer,” he added, “but I wanted to leave the hospital on the first day.”

The head of the White House also noted that he recently passed another coronavirus test.

“I don’t know the exact results yet, but I passed another test,” Trump said. “I know that either [virus content] is extremely low, or I am free of it.”

Trump also noted that he finally stopped taking medication “about eight hours ago.”

Recall that Trump did not adhere to self-isolation and returned to the Oval Office. The head of state spoke on the social network about his active work, which he is doing after returning from the hospital.

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