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The first smartphone with a removable camera

Last spring, interesting information appeared about the prototype of the Vivo smartphone, a feature of which was a removable camera. By design, it automatically launches the camera app when you shoot it from its position on the back. The magnets inside were supposed to secure the camera to metal surfaces or a smartphone screen. The camera had to have a built-in battery.

Until this point, Vivo has not yet announced such a smartphone, but development in this direction has not stopped. Chinese resource Mydrivers report that Vivo has shown a new concept phone, which also has a removable camera.

As conceived by the creators, the user can disconnect the camera and perform remote shooting. This will allow you to use the gadget as an action camera, fixing it, for example, on a helmet, bicycle, or even on a pet's collar to get unique shots.

This detachable camera unit is said to include a standard module, a telephoto lens, a wide-angle lens, and a fisheye lens. There is also a dedicated magnetic pan/tilt mechanism and a built-in battery.

This design has already won the Red Dot Design Concept Award 2020. The source adds that the prototype is still in laboratory testing.

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