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Orlando Bloom told who his daughter looks more like

In August, Orlando Bloom, 43, and Katy Perry, 35, had a daughter. Like many parents, the stars wondered who baby Daisy Dove would look more like — a father or a mother. The other day the actor became a guest of the show Ellen DeGeneres and told about the upbringing of his daughter, admitting that until now he has not figured out who she looks more like.

In general, she is my little copy, similar to my mother, and so is Kathy. When she was firstborn, I saw that she is my copy. But then it seemed to me that she is more like my mother. And I have no idea how she will change further,

— shared by an actor.

DeGeneres said that the singer sent her a picture of the child, and noted that Daisy's mother has eyes.

Yes, the eyes are really like her,

— Bloom agreed.

He also said that his daughter is a relatively calm child and sleeps all night.

It is a normal process when babies lose weight in the first days after birth. But now she is in normal weight and sleeps from nine to six, it is incredible,

— said a happy father.

Even when Kathy was pregnant, I sang a Buddhist mantra for our unborn daughter, which I learned when I was 16 years old. And now that Daisy was born, when she cried, I took her in my arms, walked around the room with her, and quietly sang that mantra in her ear. And, imagine, she calms down! And my wife looks at me and is surprised: “How do you do it?”

— Bloom told.

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