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In the United States reported the secret deployment of Iranian missiles in Iraq

Tehran secretly deploys short-range ballistic missiles in Iraq that can hit Jerusalem

This is with reference to sources in US intelligence reports The New York Times.

“According to the US intelligence and military, Iran used the chaos that is taking place in Iraq to create a hidden arsenal of short-range ballistic missiles in Iraq, which is part of the expansion of efforts to intimidate the Middle East and the assertion of its strength,” the report said.

What kind of weapons are in question is not specified. But it is noted that short-range missiles have a range of just over 965 km. This means that in the event of a strike from the vicinity of Baghdad, such a missile could reach Jerusalem.

According to the publication, “Shiite formations” controlled by the Iranian authorities in Iraq help secretly transfer missiles to the territory of this country.

The newspaper writes that Iran’s buildup of weapons occurs after the US regained its military presence in the Middle East to counter threats to US interests, including attacks on oil tankers.

Missiles can not only be a threat to the US military, but also to partners and allies of America, according to U.S. intelligence. Thus, the presence of missiles outside the country “gives Tehran many advantages.”

Recall, on December 1, during an anti-government demonstration in Iraq, protesters set fire to the Iranian consulate for the second time in a month. The protests did not subside even after it became known about the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi. Many Iraqis believe that Iran supported the Mahdi government.

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