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The UK wants to get rid of Huawei equipment faster

Initially, telecom operators in the UK were in no hurry to abandon Huawei equipment, but under pressure from their American colleagues, local authorities decided to exclude the equipment of this Chinese brand from national communication networks by the end of 2027. Now British lawmakers argue that if necessary, the deadline can be shifted to 2025.

Members of the British Parliament this week once again announced the existence of obvious collusion between Huawei and the Chinese Communist Party, and therefore called, if necessary, to exclude equipment of this brand from the national communications infrastructure by 2025. The acceleration of the plan by two years can happen in two cases: either the United Kingdom will be persuaded by its allies to do so, or the threat and influence of China on the world stage will increase to such an extent that it will not be possible to wait until 2027.

Legislators are aware that accelerating the plan will require additional costs, but they are ready to provide compensation to telecom operators from the state budget. British Telecom has already calculated that even getting rid of Huawei equipment in seven years will cost $646 million, and a two-year reduction in terms of time simply threatens to fail in communication networks.

Parliamentarians along the way offer to analyze Huawei's presence in other sectors of the British economy and also support the idea of creating an alliance of ten democracies aimed at finding alternatives to Chinese equipment. Naturally, Huawei replied that all such accusations are groundless and based on opinions, not facts. For some reason, the authors of the report do not take into account the company's contribution to the UK economy over the past twenty years, as representatives of Huawei Technologies noted.

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