Kamala Harris wins US vice presidential debate — poll

Kamala Harris wins US vice presidential debate — poll

The Democratic nominee and Biden's ally looked more convincing than Trump's allay Pence, according to U.S. citizens surveyed.

During the televised debate of candidates for the US vice president, Democratic candidate Kamala Harris looked more convincing than her Republican rival Michael Pence.

This is evidenced by the results of a public opinion poll conducted on Wednesday, October 7, by the SSRS service commissioned by the television company CNN.

The poll included 609 registered voters watching a verbal duel between Harris and Pence. About 59% of the respondents considered that the victory was won by a democrat. At least 38% of the respondents awarded the palm to the Republican.

At the same time, 65% of survey participants expressed the opinion that Pence is qualified enough to serve as the president of the United States. At least 63% of respondents have a similar opinion about Harris.

US vice-presidential candidates on Wednesday held the only televised debate in the current election cycle. They lasted an hour and a half and were divided into nine segments of 10 minutes each.

Recall that the first round of Trump's election debate with Biden took place on September 29 in Cleveland, Ohio. The second is scheduled for October 15 in Miami Florida, and the third is for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to a poll released by the media, Biden performed better than the current president in the first debate. However, Trump believes he won.

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