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The media have calculated the cost of Trump's treatment for COVID

In the three days that US President Donald Trump spent at the Walter Reed Medical Center, more than $100,000 was spent on his treatment for coronavirus infection. Such data on Wednesday, October 7, brought the newspaper The New York Times.

So, when calculating, the cost of tests for coronavirus COVID-19 and the use of various antibody-based sera were taken into account.

In addition, the total included the cost of the head of state's stay in a military hospital, as well as the cost of transporting him by helicopter from the White House to a medical facility and back.

The newspaper took into account unforeseen expenses for experimental procedures or drugs — not covered by standard health insurance. They usually cost more, the newspaper noted.

All amounts are determined based on the specifics and nuances of the American health care system, NYT emphasized.

We will remind, earlier, Trump promised every US citizen with coronavirus the same treatment that he himself received — using the experimental drug Regeneron — and absolutely free.

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