The media have released records of a Democratic conspiracy against Trump

The report speaks about Hillary Clinton's proposal of one of her foreign policy advisors to compromise Trump.

Fox News on Wednesday, October 7, published a copy of a two-page document that does not cross out only six lines. According to a source of the TV channel, handwritten recordings were made by former CIA director John Brennan after a report to then-president Barack Obama on this issue.

In particular, it refers to the proposal, approved by Hillary Clinton, of one of her foreign policy advisors to compromise Trump by spreading the scandal about the interference of the Russian security service.

Brennan goes on to record three points made by Obama, but only one of them is open: “Any evidence of cooperation between Trump's headquarters and Russia.

Judging by the initials and names of other participants, the meeting was attended by then FBI director James Komi and national security advisor Susan Rice.

Ratcliffe said in a comment for Fox News that he declassified these records on the instructions of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Earlier Trump said that he ordered the declassification of all materials about the investigation of his alleged ties with Russia, as well as the scandal with the e-mail of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a U.S. presidential candidate from the Democrats in the 2016 election.

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