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IMF intends to improve the outlook for the global economy in 2020

In June of this year, the IMF published a report that assessed the situation in the global economy. The fund predicted its fall in 2020 by 4.9%.

According to the head of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva, this forecast will be revised in the near future. In the second and third quarters, the state of the world economy was better than previously thought. In this regard, the drop in global GDP by the end of this year will be less significant. At the same time, Kristalina Georgieva noted that the situation remains difficult since the fight against the pandemic and its consequences for the economy is still far from over.

The economic recovery will be difficult and time-consuming. Over the next few years, global production will remain below the levels that the fund predicted before the onset of the coronavirus crisis. This will be reflected in the living standards of people in many countries of the world.

Kristalina Georgieva also said that the IMF has provided financial assistance to more than 80 countries this year. The total amount of loans issued has reached $280 billion.

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