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The Nobel Committee announced the laureates in chemistry

Doudna and Charpentier developed the technology of “genetic scissors”.

Scientists have proven that genetic scissor technology allows you to control the DNA of viruses and cut any DNA molecule in a certain place.

The 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the American Jennifer Doudna and the Frenchwoman Emmanuelle Charpentier for their invention of the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing method. This was announced by the organizing committee of the Nobel Prize on Wednesday, October 7.

Charpentier represents the Berlin department of the Charpentier Institute for Virology. Charpentier represents the Berlin department of the Max Planck Institute for Virology. In 2011 she discovered a previously unknown transactivating RNA molecule CRISPR/Cas, which disarms viruses by splitting their DNA.

The French microbiologist then began collaborating with biochemist Jennifer Doudna from the University of California at Berkeley.

Together they proved that genetic scissor technology can control the DNA of viruses and cut any DNA molecule in a specific place.

This technology is now known as CRISPR/Cas9 and has already enabled scientists to develop crops that are resistant to mold, pests, and drought.

Medical scientists are now conducting clinical research on new treatments for cancer, HIV, and other diseases, including with CRISPR/Cas9.

In 2019, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to American John Goodenough, British Stanley Whittingham, and Japanese Akira Yoshino for their contributions to the development of lithium-ion batteries for electrical devices and the creation of a “rechargeable world.

Recall that the Nobel Prize 2020 in Physics was awarded to three scientists for the study of black holes. The prize is awarded to Roger Penrose, Reinhard Ganzel, and Andrea Gez. At the same time, Penrose will receive half of the prize.

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