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US authorities have tightened the issuance of work visas

The US authorities have again tightened the issuance of H-1B work visas. This was reported by the country's Ministry of Internal Security.

In particular, the country will reduce the number of “special professions” for which foreign workers can be hired. It will also increase control over companies that employ a minimum number of employees in the United States on work visas and rely on outsourcing in other countries for their main work.

In addition, companies will be forced to pay foreigners more, which will reduce the attractiveness of the work visa program and, according to the ministry, will prevent foreigners with low qualifications from taking jobs from US citizens.

Part of the new rules will come into force this Thursday, October 8, the other part — in two months. The ministry's message also indicates that companies will be required to make “real job offers to real employees.”

In July, the National Foundation for American Policy predicted a disaster for the United States as the flow of skilled migrants to the United States was curtailed by President Donald Trump's policies. So, under the pretext of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump closed the entry into the United States for many green card holders, foreigners with an H-1b work visa (intended for persons invited to work in the United States as temporary workers for jobs requiring special skills), and other qualified migrants and foreign students.

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