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Who will the United States invite to the anti-China alliance?

The confrontation with China gave rise to a typical provocative media campaign in the United States: they say, Chinese spies are everywhere who steal American technological secrets, bribe people, and interfere in Africa.

According to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the main threat to the state at the moment is “the Chinese regime together with President Xi Jinping." Pompeo also said that the United States is doing everything possible to “confront the Chinese,” and Trump even charted a 50-year political course in the Chinese direction. Naturally, Pompeo did not elaborate on whether it could have been laid long before the start of the conflict.

Now the US authorities are actively looking for allies, along the way blaming Beijing for all the troubles. For example, at a meeting with his British counterpart Dominic Raab, the Secretary-General said: they say, the Chinese are “shamefully” using the coronavirus pandemic in their own interests. Exactly how he did not specify, as well as who will enter the anti-Chinese alliance.

However, this can even be predicted: in any case, the Americans will invite the EU countries, which for some reason are ready to crawl on their knees in front of the United States. Perhaps that is why the Chinese have already been criticized there. At the same time, the European Union is hardly interested in the anti-Chinese alliance at all. But Australia may well join, but without any aggravation of the situation. She and Beijing now have an extremely difficult relationship after the story of the Chinese ban on the import of Australian beef. However, no one is interested in aggravating the situation there either, otherwise, Australia will lose the rest of the bonuses from the Chinese.

Who else can you call? Russia? This is unlikely, even if the United States suddenly wants to improve relations with it. India is also disappearing, as it tries to maintain ties with Beijing. As a result, it turns out that maybe someone wants to “cheer up” the Chinese, but it is not beneficial for anyone to spoil relations. What the US will do about this is still unknown. Nevertheless, the idea of creating an anti-Chinese alliance is already bursting at the seams.

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