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Zuckerberg vs everyone: who became the enemy of the head of Facebook

Zuckerberg criticized US presidential candidate Democrats

Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg and Democratic candidate for the US presidency, Elizabeth Warren, have entered into controversy online. The head of the social network opposed the senator’s intention to “destroy” his business, stressing that this would not solve the problems with interference in the elections. Warren, in turn, stated that inaction only worsens the current situation. It seems that another sworn enemy appeared on the long list of Zuckerberg, ready to do anything to deprive him of power.

This summer, Facebook brought some relief and even a respite from a series of privacy scandals. The company managed to resolve the dispute with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by paying a record fine of $5 billion in its favor, which, however, did not affect the brand’s financial performance or share price.

However, Facebook is still far from the state of the world. The Libra cryptocurrency, which Mark Zuckerberg plans to make his next major project, met with strong protest from authorities around the world, and US presidential candidate Democrats Elizabeth Warren even threatens to “destroy” Silicon Valley and all major IT companies, thereby depriving their absolute power.

This topic was raised during the Q& A session between Zuckerberg and the employees of the company, which was recorded on the recorder and published on the network. One of the Facebook employees asked how the leader relates to the fact that regulators threaten to literally ruin his company.

According to Zuckerberg, the “destruction” of large companies, whether Facebook, Google or Amazon, will not help solve the accumulated problems and get rid of interference in the elections.

“On the contrary, it (interference) will become more likely, as companies will not be able to coordinate their activities and cooperate,” Zuckerberg said.

As for Senator Warren specifically, the head of Facebook has an algorithm of actions in this regard — if she is elected president, the company will have to initiate a lawsuit, which she is likely to win.

“You will say that it will still suck for us. Yes. I do not want to sue our government. I don’t want to be in such a position when you ... I mean, we care about our country and want to cooperate with the authorities to do good things. But in the end, if someone is trying to explicitly threaten you, then you go to the mat and fight, ”the creator of the social network emphasized.

This talk did not go past Elizabeth Warren, who responded to Zuckerberg’s words on her Twitter account.

“It really will be“ sucking ” if we don’t fix a corrupt system that allows large companies like Facebook to engage in illegal anti-competitive practices, ignore consumer privacy rights and not be held responsible for protecting our democracy,” said Senator Zuckerberg in tone.

It seems that Facebook has a new enemy, which, in a certain scenario, has a chance to become the next American president. However, do not forget that not only Warren is engaged in antitrust practices of the company — it is just heard most of all.

What really needs to worry about the company is the numerous investigations initiated by US regulators and ministries.

In late November, it became known that the US Department of Justice intends to launch an investigation against Facebook on behalf of the US Attorney General William Barr. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is currently investigating. However, sources claim that now the matter will pass to the control of the country's Ministry of Justice.

In addition, Facebook Senate banking and legal committees, several state prosecutors, and several other organizations are investigating Facebook.

Among other things, Zuckerberg should pay attention to competitors who are not asleep and are taking full advantage of the current situation.

So, the company Snap, which owns the instant messaging service Snapchat, last week joyfully shared the compromised information collected on Facebook with the American authorities. Thus, Elizabeth Warren is only one of a large list of enemies that Zuckerberg managed to make.

Undoubtedly, the head of the company should pay attention to the mood within the Facebook team. If company employees come to an internal meeting and secretly record the audio of their CEO, then this indicates that the morale of the team has fallen dramatically, CNBC reports citing several former employees of the social network.

“This shows that employees are still not recovering from what happened in 2017-2018,” said Henry Lew, who left Facebook's account manager two years ago.

He hinted at a scandal with Cambridge Analytica, which illegally gained access to personal data of 87 million users of the social network.

According to him, a secret audio recording is considered a serious violation and punished accordingly, since the Facebook management values trust above all else. Other ex-employees of the social network confirmed to CNBC this information and added that the employee with the recorder knew what he was doing when publishing the record, so this behavior symbolizes new times in the company.

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