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Trump called the nuclear deal with Russia important for the world

Trump spoke about the importance of reaching an agreement with the Russian Federation in the nuclear field

The US, Russia, and China want to achieve a result in this matter, the American president said.

Reaching an agreement with Russia in the nuclear field is the most important problem the world is facing. This was announced by US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, December 4, during negotiations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the sidelines of the NATO summit in London.

“We are talking with Russia about many things, including the suspension of nuclear (tests) and the creation of nuclear (weapons). This, in my opinion, is the biggest problem that the world is facing at the moment. I think it’s more important than any other problem in the world right now, “Trump said.

“We are working very hard on this. He (Russian President Vladimir Putin) Wants us to achieve a result, and I want this too, and China too,” the American leader added.

On the eve, Trump spoke about a nuclear deal with Russia. China must be included in the new nuclear agreement, the head of the White House believes.

On the eve of the Chinese media wrote that Japan is the real nuclear power, not Russia or the United States, and its neighboring countries should be vigilant.

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