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Trump has a coronavirus — what will happen to the election campaign?

Trump has a coronavirus — what will happen to the election campaign?

According to doctors, the health condition of Donald Trump, who contracted coronavirus and is therefore in hospital, has improved. The U.S. president was hospitalized on Friday after officially declaring that he and his wife had coronavirus. Campaign events with the president have been postponed indefinitely. The press is speculating on further developments and the outcome of the presidential election.

The president needs the light of soffits!

According to the weekly Tygodnik Powszechny, a quarantine may cost Trump re-election:

“Quarantine may catch Trump at the most inopportune moment, as he planned to visit the states that could potentially decide the fate of the race, namely Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, where Biden already leads by a margin of 3-6 percentage points. And it would be especially important for Trump to perform in Florida, where he is only two points behind Biden.

A nightmare for Biden

According to Blick, the new turn of events is first of all disadvantageous for Trump's competitor:

“In an election struggle in the U.S., usually held under the sign of personal attacks, he will now have to exercise restraint — because the taunting of a sick elderly man is completely inappropriate... In any case, this news has so far distracted public attention from other scandals. 200 thousand people — an absolutely incredible number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States. And what do you think of the fact that the number of new infections in the country has not decreased for a month? And the fact that he [Trump] knew about the virus danger, but nevertheless underestimated it? And the tumultuous TV debates that took place on Tuesday? Nobody remembers them at all anymore. If Trump copes with the disease, he will face all of this Phoenix, who has risen from the ashes. A warrior who survived the battle, who knows what the people have to cope with.”

The skepticism will not hurt here

All information coming in about Trump's disease needs to be critically verified,” says Savon Sanomat:

“Recent events can have an unpredictable impact on election results. On the one hand, Trump will get some sympathy, which, on the other hand, will reduce the fact that he is partly responsible for the infection. The fact of how soon Trump will be able to recover from the disease will solve the whole matter. If he is ill in a mild form and after quarantine will be full of strength, he will be able to appear in the role of Superman, against which Biden will look very faded. But in this case, there may be reasonable questions about the actual course of the president's disease. In the case of Trump, everyone is already used to the fact that all the information coming from him should be treated with skepticism.

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