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Thousands of fake Huawei smartphones were created from $6 phones

Huawei is one of the largest and most popular smartphone brands in the world so far, especially in its home country of China. A group of individuals decided to cash in on the company's recognition and popularity by selling more than 7,000 cheap smartphones that were issued to Huawei devices.

The attackers purchased a batch of highly accessible devices from an unknown manufacturer, after which they were modified both externally and in terms of software to pass for Huawei devices at first glance.

According to information published by the Chinese media, the three malefactors are accused of manufacturing counterfeit products and fraud. Authorities uncovered their manufacturing base and froze more than $300,000 worth of assets. Since June this year, the criminal gang has sold over 100 mobile phones a day, for a total of over 7,000 phones. The illegal profit was about $90,000.

Jiangxi provincial police received a tip regarding the alleged production and sale of counterfeit products in August this year, and arrests were made in September. The police seized more than 1,300 “fake off-the-shelf Huawei mobile phones,” as well as many unfinished smartphones, three laptops, and desktops for flashing.

Interestingly, some smartphones, which were “turned” into fake Huawei, were bought by cybercriminals for only $6. At least that's what the source says. They sold for between $25 and $40 under the guise of Huawei devices and were popular.

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