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The US may strengthen sanctions against China

U.S. House of Representatives passes a law that could strengthen sanctions against China

The reason for the increase in sanctions was the oppression of the Uyghurs. The U.S. Presidential Administration has been obliged to strengthen sanctions by the House of Representatives, but the Senate and the president himself have to approve the bill.

In the US, the House of Representatives approved a bill that obliges the administration of President Donald Trump to increase pressure on Beijing in connection with the oppression of Muslims of Uyghur ethnicity in China. It is reported by the Air Force on Wednesday, December 4.

“The US House of Representatives passed a bill to counter the so-called unjustified detention, torture, and harassment of Uyghur Muslims in China,” it was reported.

The House of Representatives called for “targeted sanctions” against members of the Chinese government, in particular, Secretary of the Communist Party in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Chen Quango, who is responsible for the persecution of Muslim Uighurs.

The bill passed by the overwhelming majority still requires the approval of the Senate and US President Donald Trump.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China called this move by the US “malicious.”

“We strongly oppose the interference of any external forces in the internal affairs of China under the pretext of human rights. We urge the US Congress to drop political bias, abandon the erroneous policy of exerting pressure on the PRC, stop groundless criticism of China, and also cease to obstruct the development of Sino -American relations and bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism, “the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

The statement also said that the bill “perverts the human rights situation in Xinjiang, denigrates China’s de-radicalization and counter-terrorism measures, unjustifiably criticizes China’s policies regarding Xinjiang and grossly interferes in China’s internal affairs.”

Recall that earlier in the US they said that China holds three million people in concentration camps. The camps, which in China are called educational centers for extremists, contain millions of Uighurs, the Pentagon claims.

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